About Sara Gold 
Inner Energy Health

My work is dedicated to helping you facilitate your spiritual growth. There is no person alive who does not face pain in some form, whether from unwanted events, losses, frustration or insecurity. We can either look at these situations as a series of mistakes blocking our way, or we can accept the challenges they present and look for the best way to cope ---- and strive to emerge ennobled.

At some point, individuals inclined to a spiritual approach to life often find themselves probing their own understanding as they seek to stretch, learn and grow. This is often is triggered by the difficulties they face. The bulk of my clients fit this description. 

Varied training and diverse life experiences have led me to develop an eclectic yet homogeneous approach to guiding individuals on the path of emotional and spiritual health. In an atmosphere of genuine compassion combined with professional efficiency, I offer tools and therapy individualized for each client. 

The primary cornerstones of my training include, Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy, generic and specific energy psychology techniques, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Jewish Spiritual Therapy. Whether your goal is short-term to deal with a specific problem or a quest for pursuing the key to meaning in your life, I am prepared to guide, teach and be there for you on your journey. 

Discover more about who you really are, and learn to be that person. 

                                               You are invited to contact me to discuss whether I can be of service to you.